Undergraduate Student


Montgomery, AL



B.S. in Chemistry (Biochemistry Emphasis), B.G.S in General Studies (Honors)









Research Interests

I am interested in integrating synthesis, spectroscopy, and computational chemistry in order to elucidate hydrogen bonded networks of complex systems. Currently, I am characterizing the hydrogen bonded networks of Copper-Imidazole complexes and studying interactions between TMAO and Guanidinium, and TMAO and urea.


S. G. Zetterholm, G. A. Verville, L. Boutwell, C. Boland, J. C. Prather, J. Bethea, J. Cauley, K. Warren, S. A. Smith, D. H. Magers, N. I. Hammer Noncovalent Interactions between Tri-methylamine N-oxide (TMAO), Urea, and Water,” Journal of Physical Chemistry B (Featured on Cover) DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcb.8b04388.


G. A. Verville, M. H. Byrd, A. Kamischke, S. A. Smith, D. H. Magers, and N.I. Hammer. "Raman Spectroscopic and Computational Study of Noncovalent Interactions between Guanidinium (Gdn-HCl), Trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO), and Water." Feeding and Powering the World 2018: Building the Knowledge Base, Oxford, MS, July 2018.

G. A. Verville, “Spectroscopic Characterization of Copper (II) Imidazole Complexes,” Physical Chemistry REU Symposium, Oxford, Mississippi, August 2018.

V. Baker, G. A. Verville, N. Watson, J. Gayton, J. Delcamp, and N. I. Hammer. "A Computational and Raman Spectroscopic Study of Cu(II)Imidazole4Cl2." Big IDEAs for Improving the Lives of Mississippians, 2018 Mississippi IDeA Conference, July 2018

G. A. Verville, L. Sumner, K. Laughter, S. Chakraborty, and N. I. Hammer, “Raman spectroscopic investigations of DNA-gold hybrid nanoclusters,” 255th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, New Orleans, LA, March 2018.

Career Goals

I wish to attend graduate school in chemistry.