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Members tally their races that they run on a Race Leaderboard for prizes throughout the year. 5k or 4 miler = 1 point; 8k, 5 miler, 10k, or 8 miler = 2 points; 15k, 10 miler, 20k, 10 NM, or half marathon = 3 points; 25k = 4 points; full marathon = 5 points; 50k = 6 points; 50 miler = 8 points; 100 miler = 10 points.

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How it works:

Choose your name from the list or click here if you first need to register in the database.

Choose the race that you ran or click here if you first need to add a new race to the database. The races are listed by the order they were added to the database. Please only add each race event once and include all of the distances in the name.

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Email if you made a mistake or need help. If you accidentally indicated the wrong distance for a race, simply add it again with the correct distance to replace the earlier submission and email to correct your total points.

Run because you can!