The Hammer Research Group


Current Members

Dr. Nathan Hammer Associate Professor
Louis McNamara Postdoctoral Researcher
Shane Autry  Graduate Student
April Steen Graduate Student
Leigh Anna Hunt Graduate Student
Austin Dorris Graduate Student
Ashley Williams Graduate Student
Cameron Smith Undergraduate Student
Allyson Henke Undergraduate Student
Alex Wallace Undergraduate Student
Charley Hutchison High School Student, Jackson, MS
Logan Powell Undergraduate Student
Andrew Kamischke Undergraduate Student
Kyle Quist Undergraduate Student
Brandon Rogers Undergraduate Student
Genevieve Verville Undergraduate Student

Previous Graduate Students

John Kelly Ph.D. in Chemistry, 2016
Dr. Debra Jo Scardino Sage Ph.D. in Chemistry, 2012
Dr. Ashley Wright Ph.D. in Chemistry, 2012
Kristina Cuellar  M.S. in Chemistry, 2014
Katie Munroe B.S. in Chemistry, 2009 (Mississippi College)

Previous REU Students

Cyrus Picou, Jr. REU Student 2017, B.S. in Chemistry (Nicholls State University)
Sarah Grace Travis REU Student 2016, B.S. in Chemistry (Mississippi College)
Kimberly Stevens REU Student 2016, B.S. in Chemistry (University of Kentucky)
Daniel Touzeau REU Student 2016, B.S. in Chemistry (University of Alabama at Huntsville)
Kayla Warren REU Student 2015 (Georgia Southern University)
Jordan Cauley REU Student 2014, B.S. in Chemistry (Mississippi College)
Lawson Lloyd REU Student 2014, B.S. in Chemistry (College of Charleston)
Sarah DeLee REU Student 2013, B.S. in Chemistry (Mississippi College)

Previous Undergraduate Students

Katelyn Allen B.S. in Chemistry (Honors), 2017
Sarah Sutton B.S. in Chemistry (Honors), 2017
Lemuel Tsang B.S. in Chemistry (Honors), 2017
Rachael Nelson B.S. in Chemistry (Honors), 2017
Gretchen Harknett B.A. in Biochemistry (Honors), 2017
Jonathan Ishee B.A. in Chemistry, 2017
Jamie Jones B.S. in Chemistry, 2016
Jeremy Miller B.A. in Chemistry, 2016
Jessica Hiskey B.A. in Chemistry (Honors), 2016
Leigh Anna Hunt B.A. in General Studies, 2015
Wells Prather B.S. in Chemistry (Honors), 2015
Peyton Reves B.S. in Chemistry (Honors), 2015
Anna Craig B.A. in Chemistry (Honors), 2015
Louis Ma B.A. in Chemistry, 2015
Kang-Lin Tsai B.A. in Chemistry, 2015
Danielle George B.A. in Secondary Education, 2015
Paige Juchheim B.A. in Chemistry, 2014
Ashton Nicholson B.A. in Biochemistry (Honors), 2014
Joey Golden B.S. in Chemistry/B.A. in Biology/B.A. in Mathematics (Honors), 2013
Lynn Joe B.S. in Chemistry/B.A. in Mathematics, 2013
Annie McClellan B.S. in Chemistry/B.A. in Biology (Honors), 2013
Nikki Reinemann B.S. in Chemistry/B.S. in Chemical Engineering (Honors), 2013
Loan Tran B.S. in Chemistry, 2013
Ramsey Frey B.A. in Chemistry (Honors), 2013
Talyr Hall B.A. in Biochemistry, 2013
Ciara Frizzell B.A. Spanish, 2013
Evan Stock B.B.A in Managerial Finance, 2013
Peter Nix B.A. in Psychology, 2012
Matthew McDowell B.S. in Chemistry (Honors), 2011
Anna Hailey B.S. in Chemical Engineering/B.A. in Chemistry/B.A. in Chinese (Honors), 2011
Jonathan Wolfe B.S. in Chemistry (Honors), 2010
Ryan Gregg B.S. in Forensic Chemistry (Honors), 2010
Suzanne Sereduck B.A. in Chemistry, 2010
Jasmine Carter B.A. in Biochemistry, 2010
Jacob Graham B.S. in Chemistry, 2009
Austin Howard B.S. in Chemistry/B.A. in Physics (Honors), 2009
Brock Sain B.S. in Forensic Chemistry, 2009
Charlie Tew B.B.A. Management
Hannah Trent
Alex Etheridge
Vy Tran
William Anderson
Christopher Boland